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Does School Prepare Kids for “Real” Life?

Each year, a few weeks before school starts, it begins... The complaints. Comments such as "OMG! We only have 19 more days off!" and "Do not even talk to me about school supplies-it makes me sick" clog my Facebook...


Why do we struggle with down time?

I am really bad at handling free time. Down time. Transition time. Whatever you want to call it. The struggle is real and can be debilitating.   You’re sitting there on a chair, after sleeping-in for the first time...


Failure is the Seed to Success

Every Failure is the Seed to Success I have never met a lazy person. And when I hear someone say that they or their loved one has a “lack of motivation” that usually equals learned helplessness, a lack of...


The Great Restart

The Great Restart: Why we struggle to get back on track   Before the pandemic hit, I was running just about every day. I was logging about 25 miles per week from February to December. I was either doing...


Naps, Sleep and How to Avoid the Zombie Brain

"I Didn't Get Good Sleep Last Night..." It's becoming an excuse for lack of focus during the day. I hear it from adults, teenagers and even toddlers. We glorify sleep deprivation. Why are we so chronically tired and exhausted?...


Frustration is a Natural Stage in Learning

Mishaps Present Opportunities for Learning Last holiday season, during a "cookie decorating party", I enjoyed using my lack of artistic talent to frost purple Santas, lopsided mittens, and charred snowmen. It was fun using my fingers to create swirls,...


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