Get Started with BrainCog

Getting started with BrainCog is easy. Call, email or use the link below to schedule an initial 30-minute call with Brain Coach Mary Turos. We work with clients in all locations.

During the initial 30-minute call, you'll discuss your or your child's situation and determine if you are right for BrainCog services. This call is free. Schedule online or call 844-BRAIN60.

After the initial call, Mary will schedule an in-depth consultation with you or your child to discuss your specific needs and a plan for achieving success.

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How many sessions will my child/I need?

We always work towards a goal of becoming independent. Some clients benefit from just a few sessions with BrainCog, while others require more support. Through coaching, we provide the skills needed to be confident and independent and when ready, we encourage moving forward on your own.

Online course topics

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