Adult Executive Function Online Course

'Building Your Brain’s Toolbox' online course puts neuroscience and psychology to practical use in your life.


Identify what's holding you back. Learn strategies for moving forward.

'Brain Coach' Mary Turos hosts ten self-paced modules that focus on specific elements of executive functions.

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'Building Your Brain’s Toolbox' adult executive function course:

online sessions present-

Calm your brain and maximize higher-order thinking

small group virtual ‘office hour-

Topics to help overcome a lack of motivation or sustained focus

 Facebook -

10 self-paced modules presented by 'Brain Coach' Mary Turos (new modules release every two days)

‘Brain Coach’ Mary Turos compiles 25 years of neuroscience coaching and the latest brain research into an online course for adults. Ten self-paced online modules combine neuroscience with psychology to give you useful information and actionable tools to:

  • Overcome a fixed mindset

  • Embrace failure and to use it as a data point

  • Hold yourself accountable to your own goals

  • Change the self-sabotaging behaviors that undermine and leave you feeling exhausted and unproductive

  • Set up a healthy lifestyle that supports good brain health

  • Understand how your brain processes and stores information for retrieval

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Why you need this course:

BrainCog's online course brings neuroscience into Executive Function coaching. By breaking down how the brain controls behavior, we help you uncover what is interfering with personal progress, then provide tools to overcome challenges and obstacles. This course provides tools to help you:

Improve time efficiency
& organization

Overcome learning

Become an active
learner & reader

Set healthy boundaries

Advocate for yourself

Build resilience

Set personal goals &
follow through

Improve relationships

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