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Vestra Frui Diem

Why 'Seize the Day' Mentality Often Backfires Why do we wear our "busy-ness" like a badge of honor? The Carpe diem 'seize the day' mentality often backfires. Many times during an intake with a child, parent, spouse, or business owner,...


The Polite Interruption: Managing Interruptions While Working from Home

Kids, Work and Disruptions Many parents are working from home these days, and one of the frequent challenges they bring up to me is managing interruptions while working from home. Interruptions from their children during the work day -...


The Case for Taking “Safe” Risks

"That teacher hates me, so I'll never get a good grade!" "Why are you looking at me like that? You always make that face whenever I try to tell you something!" “Stop judging me! You never think anything I...


Did You Ask A Good Question?

Ask a good question to build executive functions, critical thinking skills, and self-confidence.   Over 30 years ago, I read an article in the newspaper about the reasons a Nobel Laureate had become a scientist, rather than another career....


Goodbye, Standardized Tests! 

Last summer, I was at a cocktail party listening to a group of parents discuss their kids’ latest dilemmas and successes. As I quietly listened to the highs and lows of each family, I tried to back away towards...


Can Neuroscience Really Impact Learning and Behavior?

  Welcome to BrainCog! Where we Support Learning and Success.   After spending more than 20 years in education, teaching, coaching, and training teachers and business leaders, I have noticed that learning and success (or not learning and defeat)...


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