Professional Development Executive Function

Change Is The Only Constant

Does your organization need help adapting to change? Has the culture become stagnant, or in a rut?
BrainCog helps organizations get out of their own way to evolve and shift culture. We uncover how your organization's unique makeup and skills can create change.

BrainCog can customize a program for your organization

There is no such thing as keeping our personal and professional lives separate, one has an impact on the other. Organizations that recognize this and offer employees supportive tools, especially when challenges arise, can improve performance and profoundly impact culture.

BrainCog's professional development programs help organizations retain the best employees by identifying and optimizing employees' unique talents and building a culture that attracts and empowers employees.

How BrainCog's professional development executive function coaching helps:

  • Identifies and supports unique skills of each employee
  • Helps organizations foster change
  • Brings teams together
  • Creates synergy needed for change


For businesses & non-profits:

Executive function coaching for all levels of an organization, from individual to small group coaching. We incorporate psychiatry, neuroscience and lifestyle coaching into our professional development services and focus on:

  • What motivates in the workplace
  • How to identify employee talents
  • How to create a culture shift
  • Communicating with empathy
  • Habits that impact the brain and work performance

For schools:

Professional development seminars focus on:

  • Relationships between neuroscience and learning
  • How children learn
  • The impact of technology
  • How sleep impacts learning
  • Executive Function tactics and tools to implement in the classroom

What professionals say about Brain Cog professional development:

Contact us to build a program that meets your needs. Contact us by email or by phone at 844-BRAIN60

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