About Mary Turos

Mary Turos, BrainCog founder, is an executive function coach who uses techniques based in neuroscience to help adults and children live life in harmony.

‘Brain Coach’ Mary Turos (she/her) is a goal-oriented executive function coach who believes neuroscience can be used to help people achieve their academic, professional, and personal goals.

Mary has compiled and simplified research from neuroscience, psychology, and the mindfulness arena to create a unique offering that fosters harmony, happiness, and an appreciation for lifelong goal-setting behavior.

By challenging norms and encouraging pursuit of things that feel uncomfortable or beyond reach, Mary helps clients find ‘flow’ and build resilience that fosters confidence based in competence.


Mary has worked with children, young adults, parents, and business professionals ranging in age from 5 to 80. She advises school groups and small businesses. Mary’s methods help individuals and business teams understand how the brain informs every pattern of belief and ultimately every pattern of achievement, fulfillment, and success.

An educator since 1991, Mary has been a frequent presenter and speaker for the National Reading Association and the International Literacy Association. Mary earned a bachelor’s degree from Loyola College in Baltimore, and a master’s degree attending both La Sapienza in Rome, where she was a Rotary International Scholar, and Loyola College in Baltimore.

As an avid runner, Mary volunteers with Athletes Serving Athletes, an organization that elevates the quality of life of individuals with limited mobility by empowering them to participate in mainstream running events. Mary is also an active volunteer and former board chair for The Maryland Book Bank, a nonprofit organization committed to cultivating literacy in children from under-resourced neighborhoods.

Mary is spearheading the formation of the Edward S. Turos Foundation for Lifelong Learning. This educational foundation seeks to serve underrepresented and vulnerable people living in underserved areas of the Mid-Atlantic region.


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