Executive Function Coaching for Adults

BrainCog's adult executive function coaching uses neuroscience to help uncover and address what is interfering with personal and professional progress. We provide tools to overcome challenges and obstacles.

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Confronting challenges can have a profound impact on your career, relationships, and family life

BrainCog’s executive function coaching helps adults dealing with professional or personal challenges.

Adults often come to us after a specific situation has created stress at work or home. Many feel ‘stuck’ and want to make changes, but guilt or shame may be preventing progress. We understand and can help.


Executive function coaching addresses disabilities, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, such as OCD, ADHD, anxiety, dyslexia, and others to help adults direct their abilities in a positive way. Our goal is to:

  • Create harmony in your life

  • Improve effectiveness

  • Eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors

  • Build long term solutions to use now and throughout life

BrainCog’s offers two unique programs for adults:
- One-on-one coaching helps identify and overcome challenges & obstacles.
- Self-paced online course breaks down specific elements of executive functions and provides useful and actionable tools.

One-on-one coaching (we accept clients from any location) utilizes all the senses and a variety of teaching methods to achieve personalized goals. We specialize in helping adults and professionals:

Improve time efficiency &
organization to get more done

Hone active learning & reading

Manage interpersonal
relationships and personality

Reduce anxiety and
sleep deprivation

Learn to be adaptable and
open to change

Identify self-sabotaging

Help empower and
advocate for self

Goal setting and

Minimize career-related guilt,
fear or anxiety

Establish healthy
boundaries at work

Support career

Navigate complex
relationships and
appropriate responses

We help Overcome learning challenges

ADHD, Executive Function Deficiencies, Dyslexia, high-functioning Autism, OCD, Anxiety Disorders, Eating Disorders


Getting Started:

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