Failure is the Seed to Success


Every Failure is the Seed to Success

I have never met a lazy person.

And when I hear someone say that they or their loved one has a “lack of motivation” that usually equals learned helplessness, a lack of skills, self-sabotaging thoughts, or physical or mental exhaustion.

Why would someone refuse to achieve if they have all the tools they need to succeed?

They don't. They. Do. Not.

Everybody wants to do well. Everyone wants to be successful. What generally happens is that they do not know how to make changes, they haven't had accountability (whether from outside limits or self-regulated behaviors), or they lack grit and resilience.

Sometimes they have worked themselves so hard that they need rest and healing.

When you are physically or mentally depleted, you cannot remain true to your long-term goals.

That's when people fizzle, “fail” (by abandoning their goals), or shut down.

That's when people avoid challenges because they feel bad and they've had a track record of failure.

Remember failure is only a data point on the path to growth.

Every failure is the seed to success.

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