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Signs of executive function challenges in students

When students fall behind at school, it's common for their behavior to change as well. Every child has unique circumstances, but we see consistent patterns among students brain behavior. Here are some common signs of executive function challenges in students:...


Signs of Executive Function Issues

Signs of Executive Functions in Teens and Young Adults   What are the signs of executive function issues and how do they differ from ADHD? Often a child or young adult who is struggling academically or with behavior may...


What is high-functioning anxiety?

Allow me to introduce you to a person with high-functioning anxiety. Me. So what does high-functioning anxiety look like? Well, it can look like anything or nothing. Last month, it was a full blown anxiety-attack. On a day where...


Brain Study For Children With Autism

University of Maryland studying behavioral and brain responses in children with autism   UMD Brain Study Group asked BrainCog to share information about an upcoming autism brain study. A team of researchers at the University of Maryland are conducting...


Does School Prepare Kids for “Real” Life?

Each year, a few weeks before school starts, it begins... The complaints. Comments such as "OMG! We only have 19 more days off!" and "Do not even talk to me about school supplies-it makes me sick" clog my Facebook...


Why do we struggle with down time?

I am really bad at handling free time. Down time. Transition time. Whatever you want to call it. The struggle is real and can be debilitating.   You’re sitting there on a chair, after sleeping-in for the first time...


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