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Failure is the Seed to Success

Every Failure is the Seed to Success I have never met a lazy person. And when I hear someone say that they or their loved one has a “lack of motivation” that usually equals learned helplessness, a lack of...


The Great Restart

The Great Restart: Why we struggle to get back on track   Before the pandemic hit, I was running just about every day. I was logging about 25 miles per week from February to December. I was either doing...


Naps, Sleep and How to Avoid the Zombie Brain

"I Didn't Get Good Sleep Last Night..." It's becoming an excuse for lack of focus during the day. I hear it from adults, teenagers and even toddlers. We glorify sleep deprivation. Why are we so chronically tired and exhausted?...


Frustration is a Natural Stage in Learning

Mishaps Present Opportunities for Learning Last holiday season, during a "cookie decorating party", I enjoyed using my lack of artistic talent to frost purple Santas, lopsided mittens, and charred snowmen. It was fun using my fingers to create swirls,...


Puzzles: The Game of Life

A Brain-boosting Holiday tradition One of my family's holiday traditions is to complete a jigsaw puzzle (minimum of 2,000 pieces) by January 6. Last year, after we opened the puzzle box and dumped out the pieces, it dawned on...


Vestra Frui Diem

Why 'Seize the Day' Mentality Often Backfires Why do we wear our "busy-ness" like a badge of honor? The Carpe diem 'seize the day' mentality often backfires. Many times during an intake with a child, parent, spouse, or business owner,...


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