Signs of executive function challenges in students

When students fall behind at school, it's common for their behavior to change as well. Every child has unique circumstances, but we see consistent patterns among students brain behavior.

Here are some common signs of executive function challenges in students:

    • - Disorganization
    • - Difficulty reading and/or writing
    • - Trouble initiating tasks
    • - Social struggles
    • - Not completing homework
    • - Lack of focus
    • - Anxiety
    • - Trouble with transitions
  • - Poor study skills
  • - No accountability for school work or behavior
  • - Trouble finishing or prioritizing tasks
Executive function coaching can help students make significant improvements – even kids in crisis. Working together with students and families, we set realistic, achievable goals to teach students to be productive and independent.

At BrainCog, we uncover what is interfering with progress, then provide tools to overcome challenges and obstacles. Questions? Please contact us by email at

The Brain Coach Blog is written by executive function coach Mary Turos. Based in Belair, MD, Mary is affectionately known as 'The Brain Coach" for her work helping people achieve harmony using strategies based in neuroscience.