Jonathan L


In many ways, Mary has been a mentor in my life since high school. Mary first helped me with SAT prep and the college application process which led me to attend George Washington University. She also helped me prepare for GREs for my Ph.D. program. I got into Maryland Medicine and received a Ph.D. in biochemistry and molecular biology.  We connected again when Mary helped me apply for an MBA program at Johns Hopkins University. After I was married, Mary supported my wife as she prepared for the Series 65 exam. We have two young children now, and while there are very few people in life you can trust with your kids, Mary is one of them and she will soon begin working with my children. When I was younger, Mary’s teaching knowledge, patience and empathy mattered a lot. As an adult, her evolving skill set and ability to teach at all levels set her apart. Mary’s diagnostic abilities helped a kid with extreme dyslexia, who wasn’t supposed to graduate high school, acquire some of the highest degrees from the world’s leading universities. Mary can do it all.

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