Executive Function Coaching For Adults

BrainCog's executive function coaching is based in neuroscience. We help you achieve goals and overcome obstacles.


We Believe Everyone Deserves Happiness & Fulfillment

Our proven techniques help individuals throughout the world reach personal or professional goals.   






Lifelong skills

With Us...You Are
Not Alone

If you struggle professionally or personally, you may feel alone or that nothing has worked in the past. We offer proven solutions and support to help you reach your goals.

Research-based Executive Function Coaching

BrainCog combines neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive behavior techniques with life coaching. Some of these methods may be counterintuitive or oppose traditional methods of accountability and achievement.


Time & Organization Coaching-

Improve time
& organization

Executive Function Coaching-

Develop a
growth mindset

Developing Boundaries-

Develop healthy

Self-Advocacy Development-

Advocate for

Resilience & Recovery-

Build resilience &
mental flexibility

Help with major life decisions-

Build long-term solutions
& systems for
major life decisions

Work with your physicians-

Collaborate with health professionals in your life

Self sabotaging thoughts -

Overcome self-limiting &
self-sabotaging behaviors or thoughts

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Executive Function Coaching For Children

BrainCog's proven one-on-one executive function coaching for children helps make significant improvements. Working together with children and families, we set realistic, achievable goals to help children become productive and independent.

Create harmony in your life

Create harmony in
your life

Improve effectiveness


Eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors

Eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors

Build long-term solutions

Build long-term

We Specialize in
Helping Kids in Crisis

Are you concerned about your child? Are they making poor choices? BrainCog specializes in helping kids in crisis and children who are:

  • Facing disciplinary or academic probation

  • Cutting classes

  • Dealing with learning disabilities

  • Experimenting with drugs and alcohol

  • Heading down a path of self desctruction

  • Facing Oppositional Defiant Disorder

  • Becoming rude or disrespectful

  • Shifting behavior, you don't know why they are "acting so crazy"

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Work With Mary

'Brain Coach' Mary Turos is a goal-oriented executive function consultant. She works with clients throughout the world, using neuroscience to help achieve academic, professional, and personal goals. Mary works with:

  • Adults
  • Business professionals
  • Retired adults
  • Adults in academic programs
  • Children & teens
  • Small businesses & non-profits

BrainCog is built on research from neuroscience, psychology, and the mindfulness arena to foster harmony, happiness, and an appreciation for lifelong goal-setting behavior.


BrainCog For Professional Development

BrainCog provides ongoing learning programs and executive function coaching to businesses, schools and non-profits. We work with HR teams to customize small group coaching or customized presentations. Brain Coach Mary Turos is an experienced presenter who uses insights from neuroscience and cognitive behavior techniques to support workplace goals.

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Get Started With BrainCog

Get started with us today! We work with clients in all locations. Schedule a free, 30-minute introductory call with Brain Coach Mary Turos.

Schedule online today or call 844-BRAIN60.

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