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Personalized Coaching
For Children and Adults

BrainCog's executive function coaching is based in neuroscience and helps achieve goals and overcome obstacles.


We Believe Every Child Can Learn

Our proven techniques help kids become productive and independent. Working with children and families in all locations, we set achievable goals that create:  






Lifelong skills

With Us, You're Not Alone

If your child is struggling academically or with behavior, you may feel alone. If you feel like nothing has worked, we offer proven solutions and support to help your child reach his or her full potential.

Science-Based Academic Coaching

BrainCog brings neuroscience into the learning process through specialized, one-on-one coaching. We utilize all the sense and unique teaching methods to gear instruction to your child's natural learning style.


Time & Organization Coaching-

Improve time efficiency and organization

Active Learning Coaching-

Become active learners and readers

Developing Boundaries-

Develop healthy

Self-Advocacy Development-

Advocate for

Resilience & Recovery-

Build resilience

College Application Planning-

Plan for college and the application process

SAT Preparation-

Prepare for standardized

Learning Disability Coaching-

Overcome learning

Executive Function Coaching For Adults

We provide research-based coaching for adults dealing with professional or personal challenges. One-on-one executive function coaching addresses disabilities, both diagnosed and undiagnosed, to help adults positively direct their abilities. Our goal is to:

Create harmony in your life

Create harmony in
your life

Improve effectiveness


Eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors

Eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors

Build long-term solutions

Build long-term

Coaching For School,
Career, and Life

BrainCog coaching services include:

  • Time and Organization Management

  • Executive Function Coaching

  • Learning Disability Coaching

  • Kids in Crisis

  • Anxiety and OCD Support

  • Standardized Test Preparation

  • College Application Planning

  • Career Transition Support

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Work With Mary

'Brain Coach' Mary Turos is a goal-oriented executive function consultant. She works with clients throughout the world, using neuroscience to help achieve academic, professional, and personal goals. Mary works with:

  • Children
  • Young adults
  • Parents
  • Business professionals

BrainCog is built on research from neuroscience, psychology, and the mindfulness arena to foster harmony, happiness, and an appreciation for lifelong goal-setting behavior.


BrainCog For Professional Development

BrainCog offers customized presentations for professional organizations and schools. Brain Coach Mary Turos is an experienced presenter who offers insights into neuroscience and cognitive behavior techniques. Our professional development seminars are available for educators and business professionals.

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