MARY TUROS, a teacher with more than 18 years experience, founded Brain Cog Coach in 2012 in order to offer children and adults with learning, executive function, &/or behavioral challenges customized educational and organizational services to become lifelong learners.

As the founder of a results-driven enterprise, Turos leads her team of academic coaches in unlocking each individual’s learning style, using that style to set goals and achieve success. Blending her experience in curriculum development with her observations as an executive function specialist, Turos develops strategies and techniques -- based in neuroscience -- to apply to individual learning needs.

Turos frequently provides presentations for professionals and parents throughout Maryland and nationally on topics pertaining to executive function and dysfunction, the adolescent brain, self-advocacy, organizational skills, parenting skills, learning styles, and time management.

Responding to the needs of families and professionals supporting challenged learners, Turos regularly blogs on a spectrum of key issues. By embracing today’s emerging technologies, Turos adapts her strategies for the 21st Century Learner.

Turos earned a bachelor’s degree from Loyola College in Baltimore, Maryland. As a Rotary International Scholar, she completed graduate coursework at La Sapienza in Rome, Italy. She returned to Loyola College to earn her master’s equivalency. Currently, Turos is developing a foundation focused on supporting learning challenges: EDWARD S. TUROS FOUNDATION FOR LIFELONG LEARNING.

Contact Mary Turos: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 443.799.5248