BRAIN COG: Where I Can’t Becomes I Can!

When something interferes with the learning process, and a person cannot overcome challenges and obstacles, confidence and self-esteem get replaced with frustration, self-loathing, avoidance and general unhappiness.

Brain Cog provides children, adults, schools and professional organizations with coaching and consulting services based in neuroscience and cognitive behavior techniques.  Whether one-on-one or in a group setting, Brain Cog addresses unique learning needs --academic or professional--not met in traditional settings.

Brain Cog can provide you with a customized strategy plan supported by evidence-based research methods for you, your child, your spouse, or your organization.  Specialized coaching can take place in the home, at school/on campus, or at the workplace, and we utilize a multi-sensory and multi-disciplinary approach to achieve personalized goals. 

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