Pandemic Survivors: What Comes Next? 10-Week Online Course for Kids

A program to transform your child into a self-reliant, goal-oriented learner.

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Nervous? Feeling anxious about returning to the classroom (whatever that might look like for your child)?

This 10-week online course helps kids thrive no matter the academic environment. We’re giving kids the resiliency and flexibility to pivot, regardless of external circumstances.

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Included with the 10-week Course:

online sessions present-

10 - weeks of on-demand modules for kids presented by Mary (optional parent module included)

small group virtual ‘office hour-

10 - weekly live group discussions for kids, hosted by Mary

 Facebook -

Access to private Facebook group

‘Brain Coach’ Mary Turos compiles 25 years of neuroscience coaching and the latest research on the teenage brain into a 10-week course that helps children:

  • Manage daily routines

  • Improve study habits, advocate for themselves, achieve goals

  • Manage potentially risky behavior (drinking, friends, getting into trouble)

  • Make better choices (improve habits, eating, sleeping, studying, technology)

  • Regulate emotions, build resilience

  • Improve executive function

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Why you need this course:

BrainCog brings neuroscience into the learning process. We help uncover what is interfering with your child’s progress, then provide tools to overcome challenges and obstacles. This course provides tools to help your child:

Improve time efficiency
& organization

Overcome learning

Become an active
learner & reader

Set healthy boundaries

Advocate for themself

Build resilience

Set personal goals &
follow through

Support learning


Jonathan LClient
In many ways, Mary has been a mentor in my life since high school. Mary first helped me with SAT ...


Danielle D.College Student  
"I first connected with Mary for academic support and help with my schoolwork. Things have improved exponentially since then. I ...


Maryland science teacher
"Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me yesterday... Your insights really benefit all learners in the ...


Baltimore middle school counselor
"I just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed your presentation! It's rare that I get something ...


DeborahCertified Educational Planner & Therapeutic Consultant
"I've known Mary for many years. We first met through educational workshops she led in the Baltimore area. I found ...


Meet Mary

Hi, I’m ‘brain coach’ Mary Turos. I using strategies based in neuroscience to help children achieve academic and personal goals.

During the past 20 years, I’ve worked with thousands of students and families to bring harmony into their lives – especially kids in crisis.

I’ve compiled and simplified research from neuroscience, psychology, and mindfulness, to create this unique online course. It will teach parents and students how to set achievable goals,

We’ll work together to set the foundation for positive changes your child can use throughout life.

I look forward to getting to know you and your child.



This course is for your child if you:

  • Want a proven program that helps your child make positive changes in behavior and academics

  • May be skeptical, but open to learning and trying something new

  • Have a child with anxiety or stress and would like them to reach goals without impacting their emotional, physical or psychological well-being

  • Feel overwhelmed that your child is not achieving and you’re not sure where to begin

  • Would like support and to engage with a like-minded community

  • Have a child struggling with academics, isn’t well rested, and constantly feels the pressure of life’s tasks

  • Are an educator or supportive family member

  • Feel your child may have a learning challenge that isn’t being addressed


This course is NOT for your child if you:

  • As a parent, are not willing to make small changes to your routine

  • Are looking for a simple, short-term solution to 'fix' your child

  • Want to use this online course to replace your child’s therapist or psychologist

Our 10-week course is designed for kids.

*sequence of topics may change