Adult Services

BrainCog is proud to extend its coaching services -- based in neuroscience -- to adults.  More adults today are identifying frustrations with the challenges of Asperger’s syndrome, ADHD, depression, anxiety or OCD.  Because of earlier Adult Learner in Classdiagnoses and treatment innovations, many adults are witnessing improvements in their own children, relatives, or close friends, and wanting more of the same for themselves.  Recognizing that effective options now exist is the first step to self advocacy when deciding to integrate change in one's own life.

Research studies are detailing important findings about how the brain works, and how disorders can affect cognitive function, memory, learning and executive function.  We at BrainCog identify and coach research-supported strategies to replace everyday frustrations with steps for success.  But making change can prove to be more difficult for busy adults juggling a multitude of responsibilities at work, at home, and in the community.  BrainCog outlines individual strengths and weaknesses, one’s natural learning style, and what current strategies are already successfully contributing to career and personal goals.  Then we create an individualized plan detailing methods for improvement, and put the plan into action.  Through practice and problem solving, adults increase confidence in managing their challenges and find greater success independently.  

It is unfortunate that today's adults did not have the benefits of early intervention for diagnosis and treatment for a variety of learning, behavioral &/or executive functions challenges.  The good news is that by making the decision for change, better options and strong support is available to make intervention possible today.  At BrainCog, we believe that everyone can learn.  Only you can make that decision to change.  Once you do, we can help you identify the best changes to make.  Furthermore, we coach you through those changes until you are able to be more confident and successful on your own.

Creating Lifelong Learners.