Standardized Test Preparation

At BrainCog, we believe many students are highly capable of setting and achieving academic goals.

Some students are strong in the classroom and set high expectations when taking tests. They strive for excellence and choose to review new approaches towards taking a standardized test so they can strongly demonstrate their capabilies.

We also know some students struggle more than their friends do. These students often feel frustrated with their academics, re-reading lessons or working and re-working math problems. With so many demands of school and extra-curricular activities, these students simply cannot find additional time to keep up with their classmates. Worse yet, is the disappointment and frustration felt by these students themselves, especially when preparing for standardized tests. Plagued with self-doubt and feelings of failure, they are left without any strategies to improve.

BrainCog brings a fresh approach to standardized testing.

Whether you are a strong student wishing to perfect standardized test-taking strategy, or are more challenged and anxiety-ridden about the standardized test-taking process, BrainCog can help.

BrainCog teaches successful strategies designed specifically for the test as a whole, then complement them with individual strategies to improve one or all sections of the test. We embrace an individual's natural strengths, and build successful test-taking strategies so he/she can feel more confident and capable when taking the test.

BrainCog highlights better ways to take the test, 
and therefore achieves greater results.

BrainCog offers individualized test preparation for:  ISEE, SSAT, COOP, GED, HSA, HSPT, P/SAT, ACT, AP, MSA, GRE, GMAT

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