Professional Development

BrainCog believes that providing support and professional development for educators/professional staff is one of our most important responsibilities in the community.  BrainCog Seminars offer neuroscience as it relates to education to help improve an educator’s influence when teaching.  Whether a refresher or an introduction to new information, participants leave BrainCog presentations with additional tools for greater impact in their class, as well as a greater understanding and respect for brain based learning essentials.  All BrainCog presentations include instruction on current brain research and how to utilize it as it relates to common issues and challenges faced in the education arena.

BrainCog Founder Mary Turos says: 

“As neuroscientists learn more about the developing brain and what stimulates neural connections, it becomes more and more necessary to weed through the information to find methods to apply to the current “one size fits all” mentality.”  Traditional education continues to root itself in philosophy, rather than what science tells us about the brain.  As teachers struggle to find ways to motivate learners every day, it seems logical to look to brain research to bridge the gap between science and education.“

What do Baltimore’s teachers say about BrainCog professional development?

“I just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed your presentation!  It's rare that I get something out of a conference, but I loved your session. I was wondering if you have any more "brain break" ideas that you'd be willing to share. I'm going to start using [them] immediately.”

~ A Baltimore area Middle School counselor

“Thanks so much for taking the time to speak with me yesterday…. Your insights really benefit all learners in the classroom, but especially those who have deficits in executive function areas.”

~ An Independent Maryland School science teacher