About BrainCog

We believe ALL individuals can learn. No two people learn the exact same way. No one curriculum matches tChildren in Classhe learning styles of all students. We believe that understanding one’s own Learning Styles can empower an individual to adjust to a variety of different teaching styles and still master the material and succeed. We create an individualized action plan to apply the requirements of a learner’s current school program and demonstrate the strategies and their ability for academic success. Observing that different methods achieve improved results can increase a learner’s confidence and improve motivation dramatically!

We do house calls! We have found that the most efficient, effective place to work with learners is in their own home. Students need to know how to set up their own work space, regardless of the distractions which surround them. Customizing time management and organizational tools become a team effort when created and maintained together at a learner’s workstation at home. The convenience of in-home sessions translates into less travel time and gas expense for the family, more effectiveness for the coach and more study time for the learner.

We focus on the process of learning and organization. In order to be organized and successful at school, learners must understand how to break assignments into pieces and prioritize those pieces. By recognizing how to study and organize a strategy, learners build confidence and ultimately achieve academic success.

We create independent, lifelong learners. When learners experience success, they begin to break the cycle of avoidance and failure. We “coach” learners until they have mastered the skills they need to teach themselves in any circumstance. We improve a learner’s inferential and abstract thinking by connecting concepts to prior knowledge and experiences.

We cultivate an effective network between you, the school, and any specialists for the greatest support of your child. At times, managing learning challenges with a number of teachers, learning resource specialists and therapists seems like a full time job! We serve as a liaison to the school, medical professionals and therapists in a way that is most beneficial to you and your child. We maintain open and consistent communication by providing our expertise and practical solutions to academic/organizational challenges.

We foster the power of confidence created by a pattern of success. Failure upon failure can eat away at an individual’s self-confidence. A pattern of failure reinforces a negative belief that one CAN NOT SUCCEED. When learners understand the expectations of tasks, as well as the steps needed to complete those tasks, they begin to create a pattern of success. “I can’t" becomes "I CAN!”

We believe in a balance of academics, family and extracurricular activities. During the initial consultation, we set the primary expectation for success. We meet to establish common goals with the learner and any family members who will support the individualized action plan. We then assess the learner’s work/home environment, as well as academic/organizational challenges, extracurricular activities and create a preliminary plan for individualized instruction. We help learners create a manageable agenda, with solid reinforcement, for successful completion of all activities.

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